Text in the City is happy to bring its 20 years of experience to LOOK®UP!

"Les histoires sont un moyen fondamental

pour que le cerveau organise l'information et la mémorise"

A. Damasio-neuroscientifique.

L'attention ne s'achète pas.
Elle se mérite.


Your CSR strategy now determines the future health of your company or organization. Two important issues today: climate change of course, but also the commitment of your employees.

The 3 pillars of our offer:

- Identity & CSR impact (key accounts, ETI/SME/TPE): audit of your CSR image (impact and visibility), training for managers and employees (conferences, webinars, Fresque du Climat, etc.). Writing, scripting and deployment of your new stories.

- Ad hoc audit/diagnosis (ETI/SME/TPE): measurement of your Bilan Carbone®, barometer of your employees' commitment, observatory and CSR benchmark.

- Development and enrichment of your CSR strategy (ETI / SME / TPE): implementation of a new roadmap (CSR charter), advice, implementation of your KPIs and operational support to achieve your objectives .

En savoir +

Our strategic planning works methodically on your brand identity and carefully defines the uniqueness of your field of expression.

Our method is based on co-construction: analysis of the existing situation, interviews and listening.

We write and stage:

purposes, manifestos, brand platforms, language charters, visual identities, brand books, ...

Brand identity and branding. Platform and brand architecture. Brand transformation.

Editorial strategy: language charter and editorial programming.

Today, a business strategy cannot be conceived without the digital tool. It must respect the history and processes already present in your organization, and therefore build on what already exists.

Involving all the company's business lines, it is at the service of efficiency, meets predefined measurement criteria (KPIs), easy to set up and real proof of an effective transformation.

- Definition of your digital strategy: analysis of the existing system and your needs, recommendations up to the drafting of your specifications.

- Operational implementation of the strategy: organization, establishment of a steering committee and monitoring of the project (based on Design Thinking workshops and interviews).

- Design-production and development of websites, blogs, e-CRM tools (newsletters, mailings...), SEO writing, implementation of your social media strategy.

We have been identifying for 20 years the topics that interest your audiences and know how to find the right words to engage them.

Clarity and accuracy of remarks, speeches, expressions and tone used: which lexical field for your brand? Which writing and which writing format? Since 2003, we have been campaigning for sustainable and quality content.

Our challenge: qualify and angle the major concepts so that your brands and companies appropriate them with truth and sincerity.

Target & personas analysis. Brand stories. Format innovation consultancy § artificial intelligence. Web and Social Media content. Sites, blogs, internal and external digital magazines, annual reports, integrated reports, CSR reports, brochures, ... Multilingual translation, "native English" writing.

You have a story to tell to enrich your brand universe, we have the design to match.

Boom of stories, explosion of podcasts, pedagogy through computer graphics, new content formats. We actively work on the staging of your messages as soon as they are written: exergues, boxes, key figures, infographics, videos, gifs, verbatims, place of choice given to the image... Graphic charters. Visual identities. Brandbooks, BrandBibles. Editorial design. UX/UI web design.

Because we want above all, in a world that no longer reads, to help you be read and generate conversations...

Everything that contributes to the quality of your content, contributes to its good distribution. Because we want above all, in a world that no longer reads, to help you be read and generate conversations, we optimize the distribution of your content assets on all of your distribution channels. It is for this reason that we tailor our speeches to optimize their natural referencing, the techniques of which we perfectly master.

SEO. Media planning: pull and push strategies. Influencer strategy and social media. Creation of social media content. Community Management.



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that stick to the times.